June 11th, 2011
Choosing the right DJ (a quick guide to asking the right questions):

1) Is the DJ Available at the time you need?
2) Does the DJ have a sound system suitable for your event?
3) Does the DJ have experience in playing your type of event?
4) Is the cost of the DJ inline with your budget?
5) Can you meet with the DJ in person prior to the event (if you haven’t met with him/her already)?
6) Does the DJ use professional grade quality sound equipment?
7) Is the DJ prepared should something go wrong (backup plan)?
8 ) Does the DJ’s personality mesh will with yours?
9) Can the DJ arrive at a time as to not impose on your event?
10) Does the DJ have the music you are requesting for your event?

And last but most importantly: Do you feel comfortable with the DJ and his ability to provide a top quality musical experience?

In choosing Sounds Fantastic, all of those questions will be answered YES! Give us a call to find out more.