Q: Why choose Sounds Fantastic Entertainment?
A: There are no “second chances” when it comes to wedding receptions!

Finding the right Professional Entertainment Service can be challenging. At Sounds Fantastic we listen to your vision and will offer suggestions based on our vast experience so that you and your guests can experience the best event ever!

We make your vision a reality while offering options that you may not have been aware of. Sounds Fantastic Entertainment is your choice for infinitely customizable musical entertainment.

As you research entertainment companies you may soon find you have many options. Sounds Fantastic Entertainment should be a top choice if you looking for a professional energetic DJ with the musical expertise to ensure you and your guests have a great time.

Q: Can we select the music to be played at our event?
A: We are infinitely flexible when it comes to music selection!

Keeping the evening going and your guests dancing is a mixture of several factors. The order of the music, when it is played and when and how the DJ interacts are all critical.

Some clients are very in tune with their musical tastes and plan out all of the music that is to be played at their event. Reading the crowd and their musical preferences is one of our specialties. We find it is best if you provide us with a “Must Play” or “Possibly Play” list and that we work those requests in with our own musical selections.

Q: Will you accept requests?
A: We will accept requests from your guests however we will make sure the requests align with the type of the event and style of music being played at the event.

Q: Can we have a “do not play” list?
A: Absolutely!

We will strictly honor your “do not play” list and you can rest assured none of those songs will be played at your event.

Q: Do you use professional DJ equipment and sound systems?
A: Yes. Sounds Fantastic Entertainment uses the highest quality state of the art equipment to ensure a highly reliable Fantastic sounding event. We feature an all digital music library and use equipment from professional vendors such as JBL, Denon, QSC, Apple, MTX Soundcraftsmen and others.

Our equipment is professional, looks new, sounds great, and is setup in a neat and clean professional manner.

Additionally, back-up equipment is brought to every event to ensure maximum availability.

Q: Do you display any marketing banners or Logo’s at our event?
A: Absolutely not! We will never taint your beautiful setting by having gaudy logos or other banners displayed.

Though we always appreciate referrals we find it is best to let our performance speak for itself.

Business cards will be available should a guest request one.

Q: Do you require a contract for your services?
A: Yes. Our contract is straight forward and easy to understand.

There are no hidden fees or charges and everything including all costs are displayed clearly within the contract.

Once you decide to hire us for your event the signed contract and the deposit will reserve the date. We will provide you with a signed copy of the contract.

If you have any questions or concerns about the terms, just ask!

Q: What is the payment schedule for your services?
A: The first payment of 50% along with a contract signed by both parties will secure our services.

A second payment of 30% will be due three months prior to your event date.

The balance of the contract (final payment – 20%) is due one month prior to your event date.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
A: Sounds Fantastic Entertainment will gladly accept cash, checks, or credit cards. We accept American Express, Visa and Mastercard credit cards.

Q: Do you accept gratuities?
A: Sounds Fantastic Entertainment does not expect/require gratuities however we gladly accept them if you feel we have exceeded your expectations with our DJ services.

Q: Do your DJ’s take breaks?
A: Only on rare occasions. Our goal is to focus 100% attention on you and your guest’s musical needs during your event.

Q: Will there be any equipment setup/tear down charges?
A: Absolutely not! Our packages are all inclusive and there are no additional charges for setting up or tearing down.

Q: Do you work with our wedding coordinators?
A: Absolutely! We work with them all the time and will happily assist them as needed.

Q: What areas do you provide your services?
A: Sounds Fantastic Entertainment works throughout the Chicago area (both city and suburbs). Additionally under certain circumstances we have done events in Wisconsin and Indiana. Please contact us for availability outside of Illinois.

Q: Are you insured?
A: Yes. Sounds Fantastic Entertainment is insured through a top rated insurance carrier.

Not only is this insurance coverage in place to protect both Sounds Fantastic Entertainment and you, many area venues are requiring proof of insurance from DJs.

A certificate of insurance can be provided to your venue upon request.

Q: Can you help us with announcements?
A: Yes! At your event we can act as your Emcee to provide information and make any announcements you may need.

Q: How will you be dressed?
A: Unless indicated otherwise, we will be dressed formally at your event. If you would like us dressed differently, please let use know at least 3 weeks prior to the event.

Q: Can you provide wireless microphones?
A: Yes. We do provide state-of-art wireless microphones that we bring to each event (hand held or lapel can be requested)

Q: How early will you be to our site to set up?
A: Sounds Fantastic Entertainment typically arrives 1-2 hours before the event to ensure we have time to setup, test, and go over the game plan with you for your event.

Q: Do you have meal requirements during our event?
A: Our DJ’s will make no requests for food while performing at your event, however should food be offered it may be accepted as long as it doesn’t interfere with the performing of the required duties.

Q: Do you have a policy on alcohol consumption while performing at our event?
A: Yes. Sounds Fantastic Entertainment employees will not drink alcohol under any circumstances while providing entertainment services.